They say that most expatriates have either no home or many homes. I choose to have many homes, and Romania is one of them

My name is Iuliana, and I am a Romanian girl living in California. I was born in a small town in Romania, and at 22 years old I moved to Mexico. Five years later, I saw my dream came true, and I emigrated to the United States. I am an immigrant. But above all else, I am a proud Romanian. And I will always be. I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to explore other parts of this world through culture, language, and meaningful experiences.

TraveLanguaging is a project that was born out of my passion for travel, culture, and language learning. I’ve always had a passion for languages, and I would like to make this blog a bilingual one. I will share mostly my personal experiences as an immigrant, I will write about adapting abroad and all its implications, but also about tourist destinations, gastronomy, and inspiring people.

Find your travel inspiration!

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