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I tend to be very emotional around this time because eleven years ago, on June 25th, 2010, I moved to Mexico. It all started as an adventure, and I did not know I would end up moving for good. Looking back, I feel that I lived so many different lives and met so many people from which I learned something. During the five years that I lived in Mexico, I grew the most, and I overcame many of my fears. I got an AWESOME job in the aerospace industry (which I knew nothing about, but I’ve come to learn so much, thanks to many great people who supported me). That job brought into my life good friends and the authentic experience of living and working in Mexico. 

Nine years ago, I was alone in London in the huge Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to Mexico. I had one luggage with me and all the enthusiasm in the entire world. I was young. That young that I did not overthink my decision. I did not tell myself I am moving to Mexico. I was going for the experience. It could have lasted two weeks, 3 months or a lifetime. I didn't know. 

This past weekend we were in Fresno, and as I was googling the internet for things to do on a Saturday night, the event AlleyWave popped-up on my screen. It looked very interesting and different, so we headed downtown looking for the party.

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