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During the time I lived in Baja California, Mexico, I saw my dream come true. I was living by the ocean, in a small gated community, between Tijuana and Rosarito, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, beautiful houses, and cobblestone streets. Every day, I had the blessing to enjoy a different sunset.

There were five unforgettable years, where I had the opportunity to enjoy life more, and to appreciate the little things that nature has to offer us. I felt healthier and happier during those five years, and I became more aware of my actions and the consequences they had on our planet.

Baja California: Pacific Ocean Sunset

Here are a few of the most significant positive changes I experienced in the past five years, while I lived by the ocean.

I engaged in more physical activities.

I always loved to exercise, but for the past five years, I included in my daily routine more diverse outdoor activities such as gardening, walking on the beach with my dogs and cycling. The warm weather and the ocean view made me engage more in all sorts of outdoor activities, and I found gardening and walking on the beach some of the most relaxing ones.  

I learned that less is more.

Many times I thought that life was a complicated matter, and I often looked for something new, something better, something else...therefore I was never at peace. After living five years by the ocean, I learned to appreciate more the quality the quality of a quiet time, while, from my window, I could watch the sunset or the privilege of drinking my morning coffee while the sunlight was warming my face. The joy of giving, not taking, brought me happiness, inspiration, and belief.

Nature is beautiful. We should protect it more.

As I frequently walked on the beach, I saw the ocean returning so many plastic waste and garbage, constantly trying to send us a message about how our actions affected its marine life. Watching the sunset painting the sky and hearing the waves washing the shoreline was a privilege and not something that I took for granted. I saw how my actions could easily damage the environment and I tried to learn as much as I could about recycling and other ways of protecting our oceans and planet.

I've begun eating healthier.

I was not sure if I could attribute this change to the ocean view and sunny weather, but since I moved to Mexico, my diet habits improved a lot.  I know one could have a different perception of Mexican food, but I can tell you that it is not all about tacos and burritos. It is also about tropical fruits, fresh and diverse seafood, chilies, spices and much more.  I especially enjoyed eating seafood, and I was grateful to find avocados and mangos at the local supermarket.

Overall, living by the ocean was a unique experience, and I felt blessed for having the possibility to witnessing a different sunset every day.

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