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Mexico City with a population of 20 million people it can feel as an overcrowded and chaotic city, but all the traffic noises and smog doesn’t seem to bother the 12.5 millions of tourists that come every year to visit this amazing city. Once you arrive in Mexico City, you will discover a cosmopolitan, magnificent and a forward-thinking city.

Personally, I love everything about Mexico City (except the smog), and every time I visit the city, I try to enjoy it as much as possible. With so many things to do, from theaters shows, music festivals, contemporary art and hundreds of galleries, there is always something new to discover in the city. A week or two should be enough if you want to want to enjoy the cultural experience and explore the surroundings.

Although I like finding new places, there are three simple things that I still enjoy doing every time I return to Mexico City.

Spending time in Centro Histórico Coyoacan, enjoying an ice cream while sitting on a bench and watching people.

Coyoacan is a magical place. Home of many artists, this used to be a small town, which now hosts many galleries and museums, making this place one of the most visited places by tourists who come to Mexico City. The Centenario Garden (Jardin Centenario) is perfect for weekend walks, enjoying a meal or do some souvenir shopping.

Breakfast at Cafebrería El Péndulo

Cafebrería El Pendulo is the place where I can enjoy an excellent breakfast while listening to live music and reading a good book. If you want to experience a "cultural breakfast" as I like to call it, the Cafebrería El Pendulo is the perfect place for you.

                                                               Walking on the streets of Mexico City

Walking in the city at any time is one of the greatest advantages of a metropolis. A nice place to begin exploring the city is El Zócalo. The central square also known as Plaza de la Constitución is the second biggest plaza in the world, and it is surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and the Government Building.

Zona Rosa and La Condesa are also two of my favorite neighborhoods to walk around and explore the boutiques, libraries, and restaurants. Also, part of downtown is Paseo de la Reforma, which is home to many office buildings, tourist attractions, bookstores and some luxury restaurants and hotels. If you choose to visit Paseo de la Reforma on a Sunday morning, the street is closed for traffic, and pedestrians can enjoy a nice walk or biking day. One of the most recognizable landmarks on Paseo de la Reforma is The Angel of Independence.

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