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Nine years ago, I was alone in London in the huge Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to Mexico. I had one luggage with me and all the enthusiasm in the entire world. I was young. That young that I did not overthink my decision. I did not tell myself I am moving to Mexico. I was going for the experience. It could have lasted two weeks, 3 months or a lifetime. I didn't know. 

June 25th, 2010 was the day that changed my life. That's how I see it.  What happened from that day till today sometimes feels like a dream. The morning of my flight. Final destination: Mexico City. I've never flown so far before, definitely never flew transatlantic. In fact, the only time I got into an airplane was a month earlier that same year, when I went to Italy with my best friend. I was energized and I was feeling like I was starting a great adventure. 

May 2011.
  Almost one year of living in Mexico. I did not plan it like this, it just happened. I liked it and I decided to stay. This was the time when I got my first job in Mexico. I was working for a company that was manufacturing airplane interiors, and I fell in love with the job. When I think back at that time period, I have so many good memories. I made friends, I had so much fun with them, and I was surrounded by so many different people that my Spanish skills were taken to a whole nother level.

September 2012. The first time I went back to Romania since 2010. My sister was getting married and I couldn't have missed such an event. I was also missing my family so much. The first two years in Mexico were the most difficult ones. I was trying to get used to living abroad, I had a lot of mixed feelings and I did not know how to deal with homesickness. Time moved me on. 

December 2013. 
I got married and soon after that, I applied for a green card, dreaming of moving to the US. I was still living in Mexico and even though I had future plans of moving to California, I was enjoying so much the ocean view and the beach house where I ended up living for almost five years. 

November 2014.
 I've felt the need for a change, so I quit my job in Mexico and worked on some personal projects for a couple of months.

June 2015.
 Another two years without seeing my family past by, so in June 2015 I went back home to be with my brother on his wedding day. Nati, my sister's baby was only six months old, and my heart melted hugging her for the very first time. 

September 2015.  
After two stressful years with the immigration process, I finally received my green card and moved to California. September 20th was the day I crossed the border through San Ysidro, wanting on purpose to stay in line for three hours. From there, we drove straight to San Francisco, so a new adventure began. 

February 2016.
 After a couple of months in the United States, I got my first job in the US and loved it. Here's the crew I get to work with every day!

November 2017.
 I was missing my family so much that I decided to go home and surprise everybody. Nobody knew I was coming. Knocked on their door and SURPRISE. I love making surprises to people, but this one was so unbelievable. I had to keep the secret from them for months, but seeing their reaction was so worth it, especially my sister's. 

May 2018.
 Since I've moved abroad I've wanted so bad for my family to visit me. My mom and dad were the first ones to take that step, and after carefully planning, I flew to Romania, spent two weeks with the family and brought my parents back with me. They’ve spent two months with me in California and it was wonderful.

May 2019. 
Third year in a row that I get to go home and see my family. A lot of reasons to go home this time too. My best friend got married, missing the little ones in the family (they grow so fast) and spending time in Bucharest, which always feels great. 

June 2019 and on. 
I've applied for a Master's program and got accepted. Planning a lot of scary changes, and feeling a little bit doubtful if I can go through all of this, but life goes on. 


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