Culture & Society
Mexico City with a population of 20 million people it can feel as an overcrowded and chaotic city, but all the traffic noises and smog doesn’t seem to bother the 12.5 millions of tourists that come every year to visit this amazing city. Once you arrive in Mexico City, you will discover a cosmopolitan, magnificent and a forward-thinking city.

In 2010, I left my home town in Romania, boarded a plane, and moved to Mexico. I did not know much about Mexico, except what I've seen in the Mexican telenovelas. I spent the next five years of my life living in Mexico, and then I moved to the United States. During those five years, I've learned new customs, a new language, and I learned how to interact in different social settings. But the most important thing I learned while living in Mexico is how to live and function in a new society. 

When I finally decided to get my Mexican driving license, I was already living in Mexico for a few years, but it didn’t take me that long to realize that driving in Tijuana was going to be an adventure. I knew little about the process of obtaining a driving license in Mexico, but I did not expect to receive my driving ID in just a few hours after I finished the driving test.

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