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As much as I love visiting famous tourist attractions in San Francisco, I also have to admit that I’m always looking for new spots that offer a different, more unique view of the city. Usually, these locations are not near the tourist attractions, and you have to be willing to explore your surroundings to find them.

One such place is Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, a public preserved area built and maintained by the Port of Oakland. While an industrial park might not be the first thing a tourist wants to see when arriving to the Bay Area, the harbor offers an awe view of San Francisco’s skyscrapers and the Bay Bridge.   

We explored the shoreline on the bike, on a Sunday afternoon, and the experience of seeing the city’s scenic view on one side and watching world commerce on the other side, is unique and representative of the Bay Area.  

It is definitely a worth-seeing location for photographers, or anyone in general, who is looking for an insight of local history, maritime activities and natural environment.


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