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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine visited us from Romania, for the first time, and after we spent a week in San Francisco, we decided to head south to Los Angeles, for a fun and sunny weekend.

I’ve been driving through L.A. many times, but I never actually stop in the city or nearby to explore the area. This time, it was different, we had a list of things that we wanted to see, and they were all located on the beautiful Pacific Highway Coast. We’ve enjoyed our mini-vacation, and as we were exploring these beautiful beaches, I kept thinking about the Californian lifestyle that I always used to dream of a few years ago.

I’ve been living in the Bay Area for two years now, and after exploring California from south to north, I can say that I am living my Californian dream. The life that I used to see in the American movies, back in Romania, is pretty much the life I’ve been enjoying for the past two years.

Here are my top four favorite things that I love about California.

Sunny weather almost all year long

I have to mention that in Romania, my home country, we still have four seasons. That means we have winter pretty much for a good four months. It can be fun and magic to see the first snowflakes of the season, but when the temperature outside is below 32 degrees F, it is no fun to have to leave your house for work. That’s why I love the sunny California. Even though I live in the Bay Area, which is a little bit cooler than south Cali, I still enjoy every single day, because of the sunny, warm weather.

California is all about diversity and inclusion

I am a person who enjoys meeting other people. I always used to say that the more different people are than me, the more interesting I find my conversations with them. California is one of America's most diverse states, and I feel very inspired each time I have the opportunity to get in touch with people from different corners of the world and learn something new about their culture and customs.

Food Diversity

When people migrate, they bring with them customs, traditions and of course their eating habits along with specific ingredients from their country. Since I've been living in California, I have eaten many specialties from other countries, and among my favorite food are Thai, Indian, Korean, Peruvian and Mediterranean cuisine. I like that when I go to these restaurants, chefs and staff restaurants are native to their country, which makes the experience even more authentic.

The Californian Dream

Being from Romania, and growing up seeing on TV all the American movies, artists and song artists made me dream about how my life would be if one day I will get to live in this part of the world. California was always on my radar, because of all the international stigmas such as the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco itself, with its narrow streets and those emblematic cable cars going up and down the hills. All the beautiful beaches of southern California and the surroundings, from Sunset Beach to Beverly Hills, I knew them all from TV serials and Hollywood movies.

The free spirit of Californians is contagious and urges anyone who lives here to take life not so seriously, but rather to chill and enjoy!

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