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Yosemite Valley, located in the heart of California, astonishes over 3 million tourists each year with its natural beauty and its history dating back to the Ice Age, 2.5 million years ago. Today, Yosemite Valley came to be known worldwide for its imposing rocks, majestic waterfalls, and giant sequoias offering an exceptional picturesque backdrop.    

In a previous article, I wrote about my interview experience for the U.S. immigrant visa (F2A). Today I want to share with you what happens right after the interview when your visa has been approved.

As much as I love visiting famous tourist attractions in San Francisco, I also have to admit that I’m always looking for new spots that offer a different, more unique view of the city. Usually, these locations are not near the tourist attractions, and you have to be willing to explore your surroundings to find them.

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